Safety First: 7 Magnetic Phone Mounts To Check Out

Cellphone charging on car A/C magnet mobile phone holder in use

Cellphone charging on car A/C magnet mobile phone holder in use

Though some vehicles are equipped with built-in navigation that is regularly updated, many drivers without this luxury feature use their cell phones as a GPS. If you’ve ever experienced the struggle of balancing your smartphone in your lap while you navigate from Point A to Point B, treat yourself to one of these magnetic phone holders! They sit on your dash or clip into your AC vents and help keep your hands free and your eyes on the road while you drive.

IPOW Universal Magnetic Phone Mount Holder

This holder is equipped with strong magnets to hold your phone firmly in place, a 7.6-inch arm, and a swivel-ball head joint that can route 360-degrees. Plus, it uses suction to adhere to your dash, so you won’t have to worry about a sticky mess later.

Logitech Magnetic Car Mount

This mount actually clips into your AC vent for a compact, unobtrusive phone mount. Plus, it comes with two universal phone adapters.

CAW.CAR Accessories Car Phone Mount Magnetic

This easy-to-use phone mount has 360-degree swivel and uses an ultra-strong neodymium magnet to hold your phone in place. It’s slim, stylish, and doesn’t look out of place when you remove your phone.

TechMatte Car Phone Mount Magnetic

The TechMatte mount uses powerful magnet technology to attach to your phone, and it attaches to the dash with a gel-pad suction cup. Even better, it’s compatible with nearly every smartphone!

WizGear Magnetic Phone Mount

This is another slim phone mount that doesn’t obstruct your view of the windshield and looks a-OK when your phone isn’t mounted. Plus, it’s universal design means it can be used with any smartphone.

Magnetic Phone Holder Mount For Car By FITFORT

Another small-but-mighty choice, this unobtrusive phone mount allows for 360-degree rotation and a strong grip on your phone.

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APPS2Car Magnetic Phone Car Mount

This mount comes in a two-pack, so it’s perfect for those with more than one car in their driveway. It’s easy to install and is compatible with any smartphone thanks to its universal design and grip.

So, which smartphone mount will you choose to keep your phone safe and secure on the road?

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