Get Your Car Back-To-School Ready

Car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car

Are your kids going back to school soon? There’s so much to do to get them ready, and you may feel like you’re already falling behind. One factor that you probably don’t want to think about is your car. Even though the school year might look a little different, it’s still always a good idea to start the new school year with a fresh, clean car that looks and smells great. Now is the perfect time to learn about how to detail your car. You don’t have to take your vehicle to an expensive car wash – take the time to learn from these tips, and your ride is going to look fantastic in no time.

Start With the Inside

Since you’re cleaning your vehicle for the start of the back-to-school season, it probably makes the most sense to start cleaning the inside of your car. There’s a good chance it got pretty messy over the summer, and you don’t want that mess to get even more out of hand. It’s a good idea to do this first because it will allow the inside of the vehicle to dry as you wash the exterior.

Skip the Automatic Car Wash

If your car is dirty, you may not want to deal with it yourself. It can be tempting to make your way to the local automatic car wash. However, this is something you’ll want to avoid. Automatic car washes can cause little scrapes and can mess up the paint job on your vehicle. This is because it’s all done with machines, not by an actual person who can see what they’re doing. So, if you want to make sure your car stays looking good for a long time, the automatic car wash is not the way to go.

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Use the Proper Towel

Lots of people think that they can just let their vehicle air-dry when they’re done washing it. While this won’t damage your car, it may leave streaks that are less than desirable. Your better option is to dry your vehicle off. Just make sure you’re using a microfiber towel or a chamois in lieu of a regular bath towel.

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