Check Out The Movie Top Gun

Check Out The Movie Top Gun
This July, the Capitol Theatre will screen the classic action film Top Gun. Mark your calendars and come out to see Tom Cruise and company fly high on the big screen!

When and Where

Top Gun will play at the Capitol Theatre on Tuesday, July 9. The film starts at 6:30 p.m. The theatre is located at 110 W Main Street, Lebanon, Tennessee 37087.

An ‘80s Classic

Between the uplifting electric guitars of the main theme to the extraordinary aerial stunts and jet fighter maneuvers, the 1986 filmgoer favorite Top Gun is a classic 1980s action drama. The cast is loaded with talent like Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis, and Anthony Edwards, and each character complements and contrast the others with confidence, machismo, and appeal. The high-flying tale of military hot shots competing for the title of “best in class” involves some edge-of-your-seat moments, and the movie brings viewers along for all the terrestrial intrigue and fierce pilot sequences.

Sharing the Love

Even though critics didn’t know what to make of the film at first, it was a hit among moviegoers. Top Gun was a top-earning film at the box office in 1986, beating out other productions like Platoon, Stand by Me, and Aliens. The flick also had a noticeable impact across American culture at the time. The United States Navy saw a spike in new aviator applications following Top Gun’s release. After Maverick sang “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling,” the song made a major comeback on American airwaves. The restaurant where he duets on the piano with Goose also collected a vast amount of memorabilia from the film, including that very same piano.

Capitol Theatre

Built in 1949, the Capitol Theatre greets guests with classic elegance and a brilliant marquee.  The historical venue has received some timely renovations to ensure continued entertainment for future generations, and the stage still hosts a variety of productions, from private celebrations to movie nights. When it first opened, the theatre held events seven days per week, and it featured an ingenious air-cooling system fed by a steam well. While the theatre closed and sat dormant for a while, its return has brought a variety of entertainment back to the square.

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