Grab A Coffee At These Hot Spots

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This has been a cold winter. It might seem impossible to get warm, but you can heat up with a steaming cup of coffee. Instead of making coffee at home (boring), head to a Lebanon coffee shop. Along with tasty brews, these shops have a nice dose of atmosphere. What better way to enjoy a cup of coffee?

Split Bean Roasting Co.

Split Bean Roasting Co. is a top choice for coffee enthusiasts. When you stop by, you’ll want to stay awhile thanks to the cozy atmosphere. Drop the kids off at the children’s table and then grab a spot by the fireplace to sip your coffee. Speaking of coffee, you’ll find lots of great options here, including the Reload. This dark roast has a superior flavor. Consider adding some pumpkin spice simple syrup to your brew. The staff makes it in-house, and it’s divine.

The Roast

The Roast is unlike any coffee shop you’ve ever visited. Operated by the Salvation Army, The Roast is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7 p.m. to midnight. The quaint little shop features free-trade coffee and live music and is the perfect place to wind down for the evening. When you visit, you’ll browse a menu with recommended prices, but you’re only expected to pay what you can. The Roast makes everyone feel welcome, and you’ll love it.

Wildberry Café and Catering

You’ll also love the coffee and ambiance at Wildberry Café and Catering. The café is open on Wednesdays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., so it’s ready to help you make it through to the weekend. The eclectic furnishings give the place a quaint feel, and the excellent service and piping hot coffee will keep you coming back. Try some of the food when you’re here, as well. The quiche of the day is always excellent.

Body Kneads Coffee Co.

Did you know that Body Kneads, Etc. is home to the Body Kneads Coffee Co.? That means you can stop by for a massage and then head downstairs to the coffee shop for a caffeinated pick-me-up. This little shop has some of the best coffee in town, and the lattes are divine. You can add a fruit parfait or another healthy option to your order, as well.

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Fuel Up in Lebanon

Coffee just might be the perfect beverage. It warms you up during the cold winter months and gives you the fuel you need to take care of business. Whether you want a jolt, some warmth, or a little bit of both, head out to these local coffee shops!

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