Grab Comfort Food To Go

Grilled cheese sandwich close up

Even if you’re usually a healthy eater, we all need some good old-fashioned comfort food from time to time. But if you’re in the mood for comfort food, there’s a good chance you’re not really in the mood to cook. Don’t worry, though. You can grab some of the best comfort food from a local spot in town. If you, like many other people, are trying to social distance, it may be your best play to take your food on the go. That’s where the Snow White Drive In in Lebanon, Tennessee, comes in. It’s the place to go for all your comfort food needs, and you can take all your food home with you. How convenient is that? Check out what this place offers, and you’ll see why you have to try it out sometime soon.

Comfort Food Classics

Everyone defines comfort food differently, but you’re bound to find something that sounds delicious on this menu. The sandwiches are the place to start. This restaurant has just about everything you could want, from cheeseburgers to grilled cheese to hot dogs. Scan through the menu to see what sounds best to you, and order accordingly.

You can’t forget about the desserts, either. After all, dessert is the ultimate comfort food meal. The hot fudge cake is the way to go if you want to indulge, but you can’t go wrong with a sundae, banana split, or milkshake. Want to feel like you’re back in the good old days? Don’t forget to order a root beer float. Yes, they are delicious, and yes, you should try one.

Get a Side Order

At some restaurants, you have to take whatever comes with your meal. But at the Snow White Drive In, you’ll get the opportunity to order whatever sides you want. The baked beans are incredible, as is the slaw. But if you want to try something special, you have to order the fries or tater tots with gravy. It’s the ultimate indulgence.

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Eat In Your Car

These days, a lot of us are staying in more than we’re used to. It can get pretty boring, especially when you’ve been eating every single meal at your kitchen table. You may not feel safe eating out yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a different dining experience. Just grab your food from the Snow White Drive In, and then eat your food in the car. It’s a change of pace that we could all use from time to time.

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