Craft Up Some Holiday Décor With These Projects

The holidays will soon be upon us. That means ever-present Christmas music, the sudden realization that you have to get all your gifts together, and Christmas decorations. The latter, of course, can be a lot of fun.

There’s something heartwarming and calming about tastefully adorned Christmas trees, twinkling houses, and well-placed wreaths. If the daunting prospect of doling out oodles of money on gifts has you hesitant about purchasing pre-sale Christmas decorations, fret not. We have selected several DIY Christmas décor ideas that will help you save money and still allow you the opportunity to deck out your home for the holidays.

Regardless of whether you enjoy modern or traditional decorations, there’s something for everyone.

Sweater Christmas Trees

Do you have an old Christmas sweater that is lying around and taking up space? If so, put it to good use with this thrifty DIY project. All that you have to do is cut the sweater into five-inch lengths, then cut those five-inch lengths into thirds. Take one of the thirds and fold it over length wise. Then make a loop. Get a Christmas tree-shaped foam piece, attach the looped sweater piece with a little bit of hot glue. All that you have to do now is repeat the step until you work your way around the base of the cone. Just picture laying shingles on top of one another. Work your way up to the top.

Black Paper Tablecloth

Replace your current tablecloth with black butcher paper instead. Use a paint pen to decorate any way that you want. You can create custom place cards or draw decorative details.

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Wood Candle Holders

These candles holders add an abundance of warmth to your home at no cost. All that you have to do is find some wood lying about your yard (around four inches in diameter) with defined bark (like walnut). You then cut the logs into staggered heights, around three inches, up to six inches. Drill a hole into the center of the wood large enough to place a tealight candle. Place the candle in (red looks really good), add some red berries and some evergreen, and you’re done.

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