Have A Family Day At Don Fox Community Park

Don Fox Community Park

When you want to spend time with your family, you may be wondering where you should go. There are several places around town where you can bring your little ones, but often, they can be expensive. So, when you want to have a casual day with your family without spending a ton of money, you may find yourself at a loss. Therefore, you have to make your way to Don Fox Community Park. This local park is one of the best places to hang out and just have fun, no matter what you like to do. Check out what you can do there when you visit, and you’ll be in for a treat.


Perhaps the best part of this park is the playground. It’s huge, and it has features you may not find at any other park in the area. Because of that, your kids will love playing there. There are spaces for younger children as well as the big kids, so really anyone can have a blast. Plus, there are shaded benches where the adults can sit while they watch their little ones have fun.

Have a Picnic

When you go to a park, there’s nothing better to do than enjoy a picnic with your family. It’s super easy to pack some food to take with you. Then, you can sit on a blanket in the grass or find a nice bench to eat your meal on. Just remember to bring food that’s relatively easy to pack and eat outside, such as sandwiches, pasta salad, pretzels, and fruit.

Walking Trail

If you want to get some good exercise in, you can make your way to the walking trail. It’s a beautiful trail that will let you really enjoy nature as you walk around. Just want to relax? You can stroll around at a slower pace. However, you may want to get in a workout. If so, you can run or jog and push your limits. Either way, you’ll want to check the walking trail out.

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Bring Your Dog

You want to have fun with your entire family, don’t you? Then why don’t you bring your furry friend along, as well? Dogs are welcome to come to this park to play around while their owners have a fun time, too. You don’t want to leave anyone at home, so make sure you get Fido on his leash and take him to the park the next time you go.

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