Don’t Miss The East Nashville Beer Festival

East Nashville Beer Festival

What happens when your favorite breweries, the best food trucks, and local bands come together? You end up with the East Nashville Beer Festival. This year’s festival will be on April 13, from noon to 5 p.m., at East Park. There are three ticket options available.

Designated drivers can get in for $25. If you get this ticket, you’ll get access to water and snacks. General admission tickets are $60 and include a tasting glass you can fill with beer samples and water. VIP tickets are $100 and include a tasting glass, a T-shirt, and food and beers others won’t get to try. Plus, you’ll get in an hour early and have access to a private lounge for relaxing.

So, what makes this the best beer festival in the area? Check this out.

A Carefully Curated List of Craft Brews

You will get to try the best beer at this festival. The organizers do an excellent job of curating the list of beers to provide people with one delicious sample after the next. The beer includes some hometown brews along with beer from other parts of the state. It all has something in common, though. It is delicious.

There is so much beer that you will have a hard time sampling it all. Still, you are sure to find some favorites among the samples you do get.

The Party-Like Atmosphere

Beer and parties go hand in hand, so you are sure to love the party-like atmosphere at this festival. There is live music throughout the event, and food trucks serve up your favorite drinking foods. Plus, it’s a huge social event. It’s hard to walk away without making a few friends.

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The Limited Ticket Sales

The organizers put a hard cap on the number of tickets sold. That keeps the event from getting too crowded. Limited tickets mean less time standing in line and more time eating, drinking, and listening to music. It also means you need to buy your tickets early. They sell out quickly, so do not make the mistake of trying to grab a ticket at the door. It is highly unlikely you will get in.

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