Easy DIY Fourth Of July Home Décor

friends decorate for Fourth of July party

One of the most fun parts of the summer is the Fourth of July. The patriotic holiday is filled with great food, dazzling firework shows, and exciting parades. In addition to all that, you could also have the perfect decorations for your Independence Day cookout without breaking the bank. Wilson County Hyundai is all about saving our customers money, so we found a list of 100 budget-friendly ways to deck out your house in red, white, and blue. Take a look at our top three picks of affordable Fourth of July decorations your party guest will adore.

Quick and Easy American Flag Bunting Banner

This super simple craft is easy to put together last minute and only takes a few supplies. Just grab several small American flags on a stick from your local dollar store and red, white, or blue sequin trim. Putting the banner together only takes a few minutes. Start by removing the flags from the sticks. Next, poke a hole through either side of each flag and guide the sequin string through the holes. You can take a look at the full instructions here.

Patriotic Bandana Wreath

This adorable wreath also calls for a quick dollar store run. You can grab a red, white, and blue bandannas, a wreath form, and a thin string to hang it up with once you’re done putting it together. The first part of this project is cutting the bandanna into 3-inch strips. Then loop the strips around the wreath form while cycling through the colors. Finally, tie your string around the wreath and hang it on your door. You can check out this tutorial for a guide on tying the bandannas so that they spread out around the wreath form in an appealingly.

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DIY Fourth of July Table Runner

This craft is great if you’ll be hosting an outdoor picnic or backyard barbecue for the Fourth of July. The primary supplies for this rustic table runner are burlap fabric, red spray paint, blue spray paint, and painter’s tape to use as guidelines. You’ll also need 1-inch star stickers. Once it’s complete, the runner will resemble an American flag. For the full list of supplies and instructions on how to complete this craft, head over to Everyday Dishes to read their tutorial.

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