Stock Up On These Essential Spices

Cooking with spices in kitchenA well-stocked pantry is something that should be a part of every home. Having a panty with plentiful spices is a great way to be prepared to make dinner without having to take a trip to the store, especially when it is a last-minute meal. 

While it may seem easy, having a decently-stocked spice section in your pantry is a task that is not so easily mastered. That’s why we looked to The Modern Proper who has come up with this exceptional list of basic spices that are a must-have in any proper pantry!


One common misconception about ground cinnamon in your pantry is that it is actually the ground bark from the cassia tree. This extremely fragrant spice is as versatile as it is flavorful. Ceylon cinnamon contains traits of a delicate, almost floral depiction, while Saigon cinnamon gives off a warm, bold flavor sensation. You can use it in things like gingerbread, granola, and smoothies. Having a pantry well-stocked with a variety of cinnamon will add a flavorful kick that your tastebuds will adore time after time.  


With a bitter and slightly earthy taste, ground cumin is an essential item to have in any pantry. A dash of cumin is a great way to add length and depth to a plethora of go-to meals. While one might typically think of cumin as being the main spice in Indian dishes such as curry, ground cumin is also an excellent additive for Mexican-inspired meals such as tacos or chili. 

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Smoked Paprika

Made from ground and dried peppers, smoked paprika is a must-have in any kitchen. The various types of paprika make this spice a versatile addition to many different meals. No matter which paprika you settle on, your taste buds are sure to be in for a bold, rich, and flavorful ride. Typically, smoked paprika is used in Spanish-style dishes, but can be used for much more. Some notable paprika dishes include sheet pan chicken fajitas, patatas bravas, and burgers with smoked paprika added.

When you use these spices the correct way, the results will be mind-blowing! 

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