Ring In Fall With These DIY Craft Ideas


The time of year has come for you to package away your summer decorations and make the yearly trek into the attic to dust off your fall knickknacks. However, there is another way. Instead of the yearly routine of bringing box after box down, you can craft your own fall decorations. The process is simple, inexpensive, and fun for the whole family. There are a plethora of fall design ideas floating out there, much more than you will find in any box store. From wreaths to pumpkin posts, garlands, and candle holders, the art of crafting is an endless rabbit hole full of possibilities. With that in mind, here are several DIY crafting ideas that will liven up your home just in time for the changing of the leaves.

Rustic Wood Harvest Sign

This beautiful, no-frills sign is easy to make, yet it will quickly become the centerpiece of any table or cabinet that you put it in. The sign combines rustic décor and typographic design. The combination of wood grain and metal letters ushers in just a subtle hint of barnyard style into your home. You can swap out the ribbon and pumpkin colors to match the season.

Hand-Painted Wooden Post Pumpkins

There’s no debate that orange is synonymous with fall. As such, we have selected the perfect outdoor decoration to signal the new season. These wooden post pumpkins are made from simple square posts. All you need are some posts of various heights, some orange paint, and stencils to decorate the post pumpkins in any fashion that you like. This craft project is simple, quick, and will add that extra layer of pizzazz to the outside of your home.

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Garland Made From Dried Leaves

Along with your wooden post pumpkins, this fallen leaves garland will bring your home to another level of style. Not only is the crafting project a cinch to do, it’s free (for the most part). All you need is some yarn and a yard full of fallen leaves. Just string the leaves together and use them to accent the railing on your front steps. You can even top them off with a ribbon bow.

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