Beat Cabin Fever With These Fun Indoor Activites!

Mother and daughter decorate cookies
Mother and daughter at home

Mother and daughter decorate cookiesKids feeling antsy after being kept inside for more than a few days is not a new thing, but there are new ways to help entertain them. We’ve put together a little list of ideas, so feel free to try as many as you’d like! Share the ones your kids love with friends; we could all use a little inspiration!


Want an activity that gets everyone involved? Have your kiddos search through your closet until they find the perfect outfit, then host a fashion show for you to watch. Play music, get creative with the lighting, and watch them have a blast as they show off for you.

Simon Says

It’s definitely been done before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still super fun! Throw in a few new ideas, like requesting kids act like different animals, or throwing in the dreaded request without saying “Simon Says.” You’re sure to get a player or two out!

Family Podcast

There are many podcasts out there that cater to families and younger audiences. Cuddling up on the couch together for story time is a great way to relax before bedtime or nap time, and also stimulates the brain as opposed to just watching something on TV. Find one the whole family loves.

Exercise… But Fun!

There’s a ton of ways to get some energy out and have a good time inside! Here’s just a few games that double as exercise for your little ones:

  • Headstand contest
  • Jump rope competition
  • Animal race (hop like a bunny, crawl like a crab, etc)
  • Obstacle course
  • Freeze dance
  • Jumping jacks contest
  • Hopscotch

Classic Movie Night

A movie night is always a winner. Browse your favorite streaming system and pick one everyone will enjoy, then gather some snacks to keep your kids extra entertained. Go a step further and set up a pallet on the floor with lots of blankets and some twinkle lights.

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Cake Station

On your next grocery run, pick up premade frosting and cupcakes, and set up a cake decorating station in your kitchen. This gets all hands on deck, AND you all get sweet treats afterward. Sprinkles and other colored frostings make decorating that much more personal.

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