Get Your Home Prepared For Fall

interior fall décor home

interior fall décor home

No matter the temperature, as soon as the calendar hits September 1, people are running to their local home goods store to find fresh fall décor. Followed by a visit to the coffee shop to sip on a pumpkin spice coffee, there’s nothing like some home décor and a tasty beverage to get you in the fall spirit. Although, it’s no secret that keeping up with the trends can be exhausting and hurt your wallet. If you need a few easy tips and tricks for updating your home décor for the season, keep reading.

Tea Towels

If you aren’t much of a heavy holiday décor fan, sometimes all it takes is picking up a $5 tea towel from the store to get in the fall holiday spirit. If you have a neutral home, don’t be afraid to incorporate colors like burnt orange into your kitchen. You can pick one of these up at a local home store. Don’t forget to grab one for Christmas too – it will be time to switch it out before you know it!

Mini Pumpkins

Whether real or fake, it doesn’t cost much to pick up a few mini pumpkins. Matter of fact, they are usually priced at $1 or less. You can place these on your mantle, outside around your planters, or use them as centerpiece focal points at your dining room table. Don’t be afraid to get colors like white, green, or orange.

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If the color orange interferes with your home aesthetic, don’t be afraid to decorate for fall in a different way. For example, neutral flannel fabric is cozy and the perfect way to decorate for both fall and Christmas. Use pillows and blankets to make your space inviting. It won’t be long before you cuddle up with a cup of cider and a book while laying with your flannel blanket.

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