Grab A Bite To Eat At Painturos

Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple

The first few weeks after kids head back to school can be hectic and it might take some time to settle into a routine. No one will blame you If you want to take a night off from making dinner, so order a pizza from Painturo’s and swing by their location on West Main Street. It’s just down the road from us, so the Wilson Country Hyundai team sampled their menu. Read on to find out what you should order for your night off.

Tasty Pies

Painturos has a full menu of Italian-inspired dishes, but if you’re skipping kitchen duty for the night, you might as well give the kiddos what they want — pizza.  The kitchen staff at Painturo’s bakes up some of the tastiest pies in Lebanon. They use fresh toppings, homemade dough, and homemade pizza sauce and they go the extra mile for customer satisfaction, so every pizza is made to order, exactly how you want it. They even have gluten-free pizza dough, so no one has to miss out on pizza night.

For the kids, you can opt for the classic pepperoni pizza or choose something a bit more adventurous like the Italian Farmhouse Pizza. The Farmhouse Pizza has a thin, light, and airy crust. It’s topped with plum tomatoes, Asiago cheese, a three-cheese blend, and extra virgin olive oil. You can add up to four additional toppings to make it your own.

Classic Pasta

No Italian dinner is complete without a pasta dish and Painturo’s has several classics to choose from. You can try their spaghetti tossed in homemade marinara with meatballs, mushrooms, or meat sauce. If you’re craving some veggies,  order the Pesto Pasta. You’ll love how the flavor of roasted green peppers and onions compliments fresh roma tomatoes and pesto sauce.

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Painturo’s Sandwiches

If you’re heading to Painturo’s for lunch instead, you might want to try one of their yummy sandwiches. All of their sandwiches are oven baked on Italian bread or homemade focaccia. You can order a simple ham and cheese sandwich or try one of their specialty sandwiches like the Slim Shady or the Sunbelt Veggie Sandwich.

We’re sure you’ll love every bite of whatever you decide on, so place your order and take a night off at Paintauro’s

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