Grilling Tips To Become A Pro

flames leaping up around meat on grill at night, with outdoor lights out of focus in background

As we enjoy these warm, sunny spring days, you may want to head outside for some open-air grilling. Make the most of your grill this season with these pro cooking tips.

Understand Your Tools

There’s a wide variety of grills on the market today, so it’s important to read up on the kind that you plan to use. Hold on to that owner’s manual, and read it cover to cover to understand the best way to operate and care for your grill. Knowing all the essentials about your grill is key to safety and quality results–don’t take anything for granted, even if it seems straightforward. Before it’s time to start grilling, check to make sure you have enough fuel, whether you’re cooking with gas or burning charcoal. The utensils you use matter too, so be sure to keep sturdy metal tongs, forks, and other essentials handy, as plastic could melt. Also consider the length of the tools, as you don’t want to keep your hands too close to the heat.

Give it Time

Even if you’re getting hungry, you shouldn’t throw food on the grill as soon as you ignite the flame. You’ll have to let it heat up properly to ensure efficient cooking. If you use lighter fluid on your coals, you’ll also have to allow that time to burn off so that it doesn’t ruin your food. This will give you time to oil up any food destined for the grill.

Control the Heat

The right grill can offer a handy range of cooking temperatures across its surface, and you can use different spaces for various parts of the process. One area could blaze with high heat to give everything a good sear, then you could move your food away for indirect heat and lower temperatures for more stable cooking. Remember that those hot foods will continue cooking after you remove it from the fire, so be ready to plate your food and let it rest to avoid overcooking anything.

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