Cut Your Next Grocery Bill In Half With These Tips

Woman shopping in grocery store

Does your total at the grocery store tend to make you raise your eyebrows? We understand. Grocery shopping can often be a dreadful task. Walking around clueless, finding yourself lost on every aisle, and just feeling downright frustrated is a headache in itself. We are here to let you in on a secret — grocery shopping can be both fun and affordable! With these three grocery shopping tips, we are here to help you not break the bank.

Buy in Bulk

Although a heftier initial cost, buying in large quantities will save you money. Also, it is always convenient to have an extra item on hand. For example, potential items you may want to buy in bulk include meat, poultry, or staple items like cleaning supplies or canned goods. Meat and poultry can be easily stored and frozen to be kept, and non-perishable goods need an organized space to be stored at. If you have meat, pasta, or rice on hand, you are bound to create an easy convenient meal without having to run to the store! Also, consider stockpiling, so you can grab the item when it is priced at its lowest. On the other hand, if the item is priced at its highest, you won’t have to buy it because you already have some at home.

Use the Right Credit Card

Who’s a fan of free stuff? We know we are. With the right credit card, points can add up, in return for cashback and awesome rewards. With that being said, if you’re a loyal Costco member, you should consider opening a Citi card. Including 4% cashback on gas, 3% on restaurants and travel purchases, and 2% on Costco purchases, you’ll be saving and saving. Although, remember the only way to save with a credit card is to pay it off every month.

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Plan Your Meals

The best way to not grab non-necessity items at the grocery store is to plan ahead. Before heading to the store, decide on the meals you would like to cook for the week. Also, check your pantry because you may already have some of the ingredients. Meal prepping will always save money and make your life easier during a busy work week. Make your list and head to the store to shop like a boss!

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