Get The Whole Family In The Holiday Spirit With These Fun Games

Family playing with the new Christmas giftsKeeping your kids entertained throughout their holiday break can be challenging. There are only so many holiday movies a kid can muster before they inevitably become bored with it. With inspiration from Good Housekeeping, we’ve pulled together this unique list of holiday activities your kids are sure to love!

Ring Around The Antlers

Your kids will love this one! This is a holiday spin on the classic ring toss game. Best of all, the items you’ll need can be easily sourced and the directions are easy for children of any age to understand. First, you’ll need to fashion the reindeer antler headband. This is a common Christmas item and you should be able to find one easily at your local dollar store. Next, make candy cane rings using white and red pipe cleaners. Lastly, divide into teams, with each teammate getting three throws. Each ring scores two points and one point for a ring that is leaning on or touching the target. First to get to 21 wins!  

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Try this Christmas-themed scavenger hunt in your neighborhood this holiday season. Make your own cards or purchase them from Amazon and let the fun begin. Be sure to include indoor and outdoor items. Some popular holiday items to include are a wreath, a star ornament, a plastic Santa, and a wooden deer. 

This game is best played in teams but is also fun solo. Have an adult mediator deal the deck out to each team. Give the teams a predetermined time frame to go out and find the various items, taking a picture of the found object with their phone. Whoever finds the most items in the time allotted, wins! Keep it fresh by alternating teammates after each game. 

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Mitts On Gifts

Did you know that unwrapping gifts while wearing kitchen mitts is extremely difficult…and absolutely hilarious? The giggle is real with this game. Before each person opens their gifts, pass around a gift bag to each with a pair of holiday kitchen mitts inside. Each person must wear the kitchen mitts while unwrapping their presents. The first to finish unwrapping wins an extra-large-stuffed Christmas stocking. Make sure you have the cameras rolling on this one.

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