Clean Your Car Interior Windows With These Tips

Female driver taking care of car interior hygiene. Woman's hand spraying and cleaning inside of windscreen in modern vehicle.

You may regularly take your vehicle to a car wash or spend time washing it at home, but sometimes detailing your car can go unattended, especially the inside of your car windows. When your car windows are clean, however, it can make all the difference and take your vehicle to the next level of cleanliness. If you would like to know how to make the inside of your car windows gleam, then here are some helpful tips to assist you.

Items You Will Need

  • Microfiber cloths – Preferably cloths that have a thick cleaning side and a fine drying side
  • An optional reaching tool with a curved head
  • Glass cleaner for the interior

Step One: Dry Wipe

The first thing you are going to want to do to clean the interior windows of your car is to dry wipe. Take one of the dry microfiber cloths and wipe the interior windows in an up-and-down motion from top to bottom. This will help wipe off the initial, invisible layer of dust.

Step Two: Use Cleaner

Next, you will spray the window cleaner onto another microfiber cloth. Do not concern yourself with dousing the cloth. A couple of spritzes of the spray will be enough to accomplish the job.

Step Three: Rub On Cleaner

With the microfiber cloth that you have sprayed with window cleaner, you will now wipe the solution onto the interior of the window from top to bottom. It may be difficult for you to reach the lower corners of the windshield. This is where the curved reaching tool will come into play to clean that part of the window.

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Step Four: Dry Glass

Once you have cleaned the glass, you will want to avoid streaks. Do not allow the solution to dry on its own. Instead take a clean, dry microfiber cloth, and in the same up-and-down motion, dry the window for a clear finish. Now, you can hit the road with a clear view and sparkling windows.

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