Celebrate Labor Day With These Activities

Delicious breakfast in bed

Kissing the summertime goodbye is never easy, which is why when Labor Day weekend rolls around, it’s a true gift. While the holiday is only two weeks away, it’s time to fill your schedule with long weekend plans. Not headed to the beach or lake like others? Enjoy the three-day weekend with one of these Labor Day-approved activities.

Enjoy the Outdoors

August has come to a close, which hopefully means the fall temperatures are underway. Start off September with a hike, and after, find a tree to set up a picnic. Instead of packing your schedule with a long list of to-dos or fancy outings and dinners, it’s important to stop and enjoy the small things in life, like the beauty of nature. Whether your hiking excursion turns into a weekend camping trip or an all-day affair, you are bound to return home feeling refreshed after being unplugged.

The Best Vacation: Staycation

Not wanting to travel but looking to get out of the house? If there’s a local hotel you have always wanted to stay at, there’s no shame in a little staycation. Check in to your room, and stay there all weekend. Get a massage, enjoy the indoor pool, and treat yourself to all of the bacon and eggs in bed, provided by room service.

Hit the Pool

Just because you aren’t enjoying a tropical vacation doesn’t mean you can’t get some sun. Hit the neighborhood pool or invite yourself over to your friend’s backyard for a poolside extravaganza!

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Plan a Dinner Party

Have some friends in town? There’s never been a better time to plan a dinner party. Provide the entree and assign your pals to bring a side dish, and call it dinner! And if you really want to get festive, plan a themed meal, whether that’s a Mexican fiesta, Italian soiree filled with pasta and pizza, or an American BBQ just in time for Labor Day, enjoy the holiday with fabulous food and friends.

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