Light Up Your Home For The Holidays With These Tips


Ah, Christmas. It’s the season of Christmas trees, gorgeously wrapped gifts, and family togetherness. It’s also the season of wrestling with holiday lights in an attempt to light up your home. If you feel like Clark Griswold every holiday season, it’s time to follow some lighting tips. These holiday lighting tips for your home will save you a huge headache and help you have the best display in the neighborhood.

Begin with a Focal Point

You know how some houses look like they’re engulfed in a huge strand of lights? That’s not too appealing. These homeowners didn’t choose a focal point. Look at your home and determine the best focal point for your lights. Examples of a great focal point include entryway columns or a gorgeous archway.

Choose the Proper Surface

You don’t want your lights to sag or fall of your home. Avoid this problem by choosing the proper surface. Rooflines, eaves, hedges, trees, pillars, door frames, and deck railings are all good examples.

Consider the Outlet

You don’t want the fire department to come out to extinguish your lighting display. That’s why it’s so critical to choose the proper outlet. Use a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. If there is an overcurrent, the outlet will shut it down, so you won’t have to worry about sparks flying. You will need extension cords, as well. Choose outdoor extensive cords and make sure they stay above the ground, as well as the water and snow. When your cords are along walkways, use tape to secure them so people don’t fall.

Use Light Clips

Back in the old days, people attached lights with staple guns. Now, light clips are all the rage. The best part? You won’t damage your home when you use light clips. At the end of the holiday season, you’ll remove the clips without leaving any holes or other damage behind.

Group Light Types

You can use a variety of light types and colors on your home, trees, and bushes. Group the light colors and types, so your lighting looks cohesive. For example, consider using icicle lights on your roofline. Then, add colored lights to your entryway and white lights to the bushes.

Go in Order

Hanging lights is much easier when you follow an installation plan. Go in the proper order, so you can install your lights with ease. Begin with the bushes and move onto the trees. Next, light up the windows and doors. Save the roofline for last.

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Get Started with Holiday Lights

These tips will help you install your lights this holiday season. Instead of fighting with the lights, you’ll have some fun with this holiday tradition. Your neighbors might even ask you for some tips after they see your professional display.

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