Mark Your Calendars For The Phoenix Ball

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If you have already committed to attending the Phoenix Ball at Cumberland University, then there may be some information that you may care to take note of as you prepare for the upcoming event. Get ready to don on your best bib and tucker and learn everything you need to know about the Cumberland University’s 39th annual Phoenix Ball taking place on June 3rd.

Black and White Ball

The Phoenix Ball is actually a charity event that helps with scholarships for Cumberland students. The event is a black and white affair, so dress accordingly in black tie or a ball gown for the ball. The evening begins with a reception starting 5:30 pm in Baird Chapel at Cumberland University. Once the reception has ended at 6:45 pm, all attendees will move into the Phoenix Arena where dinner will be served. There will also be a live auction happening during the meal. Afterwards, dancing will begin. Music will be performed by the 8 South Band. The evening will conclude at midnight.  

The History of the Phoenix Ball

The Phoenix Ball has been a long standing tradition at Cumberland University that began in 1984 when the  first Phoenix Ball was created and held by Mrs. Mary Clement. At that time, Mrs. Clement held the position of First Lady of Cumberland University to President Bob Clement. With the assistance from a group of committed volunteers, Mrs. Clement created the Phoenix Ball with the ambition that this would be a signature event that raised the Nashville and surrounding areas awareness of the university as well as help raise money for students. Mary did not want to create just any type of event, but wanted to create an evening where those in attendance could dress up and dance the night away.

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Patrons’ Party

If you were unable to get tickets or were too busy to attend the Phoenix Ball, then there is still the Patrons’ Party to look forward to attending. While a smaller and less formal affair, this event is linked to the Phoenix Ball. This year’s Patrons Party will be held at Jack and Susannah Lowery’s home at 3108 Carthage Highway in Lebanon, Tennessee, on July 8th, 2023. The event will take place that evening from 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm.

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