Movies To Watch When You Are Stuck Inside

Happy family watching projector, TV,

Happy family watching projector, TV,
Before those April showers bring May flowers, they’re bound to bring along some downtime indoors. Make your time inside more fun by checking out some movies! Whether you’re looking for a film for the whole family, entertainment for the teen in your home, or something to watch on your own time, these rainy-day movies will pass the time with memorable characters and engaging stories.

For the Whole Family

When everybody in your household gathers for movie night, it’s important to pick a film that will keep everyone interested. Pixar excels in creating kid-friendly stories that warm the heart and elicit a good laugh no matter what age the audience is, so consider the Toy Story series. If you have a rainy week ahead, you can plan to watch a different sequel each night. You could also dust off a classic like E.T., or even go further back in time with The Wizard of Oz. Teens might enjoy some added irony or unique storytelling, like the charmingly clever Princess Bride.

Adventures and Comedies Fit for Adults

Winding down after the kids are in bed? Now’s the perfect time to put on something with a bit more complexity, depth, and concepts that might not appeal to young imaginations. That not to say these films are dull by any means. If you’re up for a laugh, O Brother, Where Art Thou is filled with lovable if flawed heroes, an epic journey, and that personality-driven humor is a great example of what the Coen brothers can do behind the camera. Its folk-filled soundtrack is an added treat. How about an adventure? The Count of Monte Cristo is based on a novel by French writer Alexandre Dumas, who also famously penned The Three Musketeers. Pop some popcorn and get ready for a story of betrayal, plotting, disguises, and plenty of thrilling swords and swashbuckling.

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