Don’t Forget These Items For Your Next Boat Day

Shot of a mature couple enjoying a relaxing boat ride

Driving a boat is a little bit different than going for a car ride. There is a pre-departure checklist to keep in mind when you are looking to spend the day on a boat. Check out the helpful list below so you can be prepared for anything during your boat ride this summer.

Safety Gear

This should be the first on your checklist when thinking about what you need on your ride. Life jackets, throwable flotation devices, fire extinguishers, visual and sound signaling devices, heavy-duty flashlights, etc. should be just a few of the items you should bring, if you don’t already have, on your boat.

Extra Items

Of course, you won’t forget food and drinks when packing for your boat ride, but make sure you bring extras of everything. Extra water, fresh fruit that will fill you up and also hydrate you, and of course suntan lotion and bug repellant. It’s always best to have extras just in case.

A Knife

Rope, your fishing line, and other miscellaneous items can get wrapped around your propeller. It’s always a great idea to have a knife handy just in case any of these things happen while you’re out on the water so you are able to free up your prop and enjoy your day.

Extra Lines

Having extra lines is a must. You never know when you’re going to need them. You may want to raft up with some friends or tie off on a dock for a moment. If you don’t have the extra line you won’t be able to.

Cleaning Supplies

don’t wait to clean your boat after you spend the day on it, accidents happen so having cleaning supplies and some soft rags available will help you avoid cleaning a dried-up mess later in the day.


Don’t forget to bring your boating license, registration, and driver’s license. These are a must-have when on the water.

Chargers and Chords

Don’t let your electronics die during your fun day! Make sure to pack all charging cords and chargers you need.

Repair Items

No one thinks about bringing tools on a boating trip, but having emergency repair items stowed away will come in handy if you find yourself needing to perform a quick repair.

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Cell Phone

Make sure you double-check that your phone made it into your boat bag. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your phone at home or in the car when you are on the water. Not only will you be able to call for help if you need it, but you will also enjoy being able to take pictures and photos from your fun day.

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