Natural Sunburn Remedies Worth The Try

Close up of woman applying moisturizer on sunburned skin
While the best way to avoid the pain of a sunburn is to avoid getting one in the first place, sunburns are bound to occur if you spend any substantial amount of time outdoors during the day without protection.  They can be quite miserable, making showering, sleeping, and even wearing... [read more]

Make Use Of Your Grilled Leftovers

Fourth of July, patriotic, American themed food.
The summer season is for pigging out on your favorite southern comfort foods. Whether BBQ, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, or a plethora of chips and dip is more your style, in Lebanon, Tennesse, we know how to eat. Often, we prepare a little bit too much food. Instead of wasting... [read more]

Easy DIY Fourth Of July Home Décor

friends decorate for Fourth of July party
One of the most fun parts of the summer is the Fourth of July. The patriotic holiday is filled with great food, dazzling firework shows, and exciting parades. In addition to all that, you could also have the perfect decorations for your Independence Day cookout without breaking the bank. Wilson... [read more]

Keep Your Ride Going After 100,000 Miles

Mechanic car service auto garage
Today’s manufacturers fine-tune cars to last. And we’re driving them everywhere, for years at a time. Your car is an investment and a valuable part of life that provides convenience and reliability. But over time, it can suffer wear and tear that impacts performance. It’s essential to follow a basic... [read more]

5 New Ways To Marinate Your Steaks

chef preparing steak
Summertime is finally here, which means just about every meal should be cooked on the grill! You can't go wrong with a juicy steak any day of the week. Although, the typical store-bought marinades only taste so good for so long. If you want to amp up your chef bragging... [read more]

Red, White, & Blue Desserts For Flag Day

Homemade Natural Fruit Pizza
With Flag Day coming up, why not make it a reason to celebrate with family and friends? A pool party or cookout with some fun patriotic treats will have everyone ready to celebrate Flag Day. Make some red, white, & blue desserts in the shape of the American flag this... [read more]

Tips To Make Your Homemade Ice Cream Even Better

If the summer heat has got you in its clutches and you're feeling a bit flush, we recommend that you take a break and dive into a bowl of good, old-fashioned ice cream. Of course, we do things a bit differently here, which is why we encourage you to elevate... [read more]

What Trim Should You Get In Your New Hyundai Venue?

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, there's more to it than selecting the first model that you see on the lot. You see, most vehicles come with a variety of packages and trims, which allow you to alter the look of the vehicle and increase the number of... [read more]

Grilling Tips To Become A Pro

flames leaping up around meat on grill at night, with outdoor lights out of focus in background
As we enjoy these warm, sunny spring days, you may want to head outside for some open-air grilling. Make the most of your grill this season with these pro cooking tips. Understand Your Tools There’s a wide variety of grills on the market today, so it’s important to read up on the... [read more]

Give These 4 Podcasts A Try

Business woman listening to a podcast on her morning commute.
If you have a long commute every day, don't let that time go to waste. Take advantage of the connected infotainment systems in most new vehicles to check out a new podcast instead. Here is a list of some of the best podcasts to listen to in 2022. Start With This From... [read more]