Make Spring Cleaning Fun For The Whole Family!

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning might not be your idea of a great time – but you don’t have to tell your kids that! In fact, as the season for spring cleaning draws near, you can start planning ways to share the burden, make it fun, and get everyone in on the action. Read on for a few creative ways to recruit little helpers as you spiff up your home for spring.

Make It a Game

Take the Mary Poppins approach and turn chores into a game. Younger kids can be lured in by a scavenger hunt, with prizes hidden at the bottom of drawers that need to be cleared out or piles of clothing that need sorting. For older children, think of an arcade-type setup. To do this, simply assign each task a point value when you’re making out your list of assignments. Once the task is completed, your child can bank those points. At the end of your cleaning “adventure,” they can exchange points for prizes. Decide ahead of time what the prizes will be – dollar store toys, books, or treats are great options that won’t break the bank.

Sweet Rewards

If your kids aren’t into the game idea, you can fall back on an age-old standby: bribery. Looking ahead to a reward can make any job go quicker and easier. Make the rewards something the whole family can enjoy together like dinner at a favorite restaurant or a trip to a local entertainment venue.

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Give Them Input

Let’s talk about the tweens and teens in your household for a moment. Getting them on board with spring cleaning might be a little more challenging, but it’s not a lost cause. One of the main things to consider is that, as a group, these kids like to have some say in their activities. Appeal to their desire to be in control by letting them choose among a list of tasks. You should also make sure to keep them informed about your plan of attack for spring cleaning so they’re not taken off guard. And, as with people of all ages, age-appropriate awards can be a game changer. An agreeable teen with a clear schedule and an incentive to do a good job is a valuable addition to your cleaning crew.

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