Get Your Spring Cleaning Done In No Time With These Hacks

Gloved hands clean a window pane.

Ready to get started on your spring cleaning? Make the cleanup as easy as possible with these essential house care tips.

Make a Plan

Cleaning your entire home can seem overwhelming from the outset, but with proper planning, you can make the process approachable and manageable. Compartmentalizing the job can make it less intimidating, so plan to go room by room, and within each room, focus on one specific area at a time. When you start a cleaning phase, don’t let yourself get distracted, and even though you might notice your mind wandering, don’t break to check your phone or do other chores until the task at hand is complete. You should also keep in mind how messy cleaning can be, so wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or stained in the process.

Windows, Mirrors, and Blinds

Different surfaces require different cleaning methods, and naturally, glass must be handled with care. Don’t waste paper towels on your windows and mirrors, as that kind of paper can be abrasive and leave streaks, marks, and event pesky lint. Instead, grab some newspaper and a spray bottle of window cleaner to keep the view clear. If you don’t have any newspaper handy at home, coffee filters would also do the trick. For the blinds, cleaning will go much smoother if you close them so that you can wipe them from the top down. Using dryer sheets to wipe up dust will create a static shield to discourage more dust from gathering on the blinds again.

Recruit Some Help

The house will be cleaner faster if the whole household is involved. Everyone can help take care of shared spaces, and you can assign tasks based on what family members can handle at their age. Kids can be in charge of picking up clutter, whether it’s their own toys in their room or all the loose odds and ends that accumulate around the house over time. If someone’s up for some lifting and toting, they can put winter clothing away or take the garbage out.

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