Start A Family New Year’s Tradition

Family holding illuminative numbers 2022 while celebrating New Year

2022 is almost here! 365 whole new days of happiness and health. Lots of people celebrate by carrying out specific traditions that have been a staple of the holiday for years and years. Some people attend lavish parties with fancy dresses and fireworks shows. Others spend the night at home watching the ball drop on tv in an earlier time zone so they can go ahead to sleep. Whatever your New Year’s plans are this year, check out these common New Year’s traditions that you may want to start with your celebratory crew. +

Times Square Celebration

Every year since 1904, there has been a massive celebration in Times Square of New York City to ring in the new year. The crystal ball made its debut to the celebration in 1907 and has been a staple piece of the holiday ever since. Hundreds of thousands of people cover the streets while millions tune in on their televisions at home.

Share a Kiss

There are historians who believe the New Year’s kiss tradition dates all the way back to ancient Rome’s Saturnalia celebration. As time progressed, German and English cultures romanticized the tradition, claiming it would improve love endeavors for the year. You can learn more about this tradition through this Insider article!

Light Up the Night

Fireworks displays are a long-loved New Year’s celebration practice all across the world. If you aren’t allowed to set off firework sin your neighborhood, you can always enjoy the shimmer of some simple sparklers! This picture-perfect tradition is great for “New Year. New Me.” Instagram posts!

Make Resolutions

Writing down and setting goals for the new year is perhaps the most common tradition. It is almost a way of manifesting great things to come! It is said that New Year’s resolutions have been around since ancient Babylonian times. You can read more about that in this History Channel article.

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More Superstitions

Leaping into the new year can be fun! Take a jump right as the clock strikes midnight for good luck in 2022.

Open your doors and windows! This is supposed to let out the old year and welcome the new year. Be careful! It can be chilly!

Hang onions on your door. This is supposed to bring prosperity for 365 days.

Throw water out the window. This is a symbol for cleansing and renewal. A great way to begin a new year!

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