Start Your Very Own Garden This Spring

Woman gardening vegetables at her home.Starting your own garden can be a rewarding experience. Not only is it a wonderful way to get yourself outdoors and moving, but it also provides you with fresh ingredients all through the growing season. Of course, you can also plant a garden of ornamental flowers or whatever you like. There are so many varieties of gardens, and how yours looks will depend on you. Let’s explore fantastic ideas for starting a home garden this spring.

Find a Suitable Spot for Your Garden

If you have a large yard, this will likely be the home for your plants. If you live in an apartment building, do not fret — plants are resilient. You can start a tiny garden on your windowsill or balcony. You can even start one on the roof if your building manager allows it. As long as they have light, water, and soil, plants will fill the space.

Preparing for Planting

Whether you’re planning on starting a garden bed or a planter menagerie, you are going to need to do some initial preparation. For you yard-gardeners, start by removing grass from the area you want to put your bed in. You can avoid this step by building a raised bed on top of your lawn, but keep in mind that removing grass will still help with weed control.

Once you have the area cleared, the bed built, or the pots placed, get some soil from your local garden center – you can usually get it in bulk for bigger garden beds. You might also consider planting directly in the bag! This is a fun and hassle-free way to garden.

Pick Out Your Plants

Picking out plants can be the most fun part of gardening. In fact, the hardest part about gardening is usually limiting your plant choices to the amount of space you actually have. If you have several beds, you might want to devote entire beds to one plant and develop a crop rotation cycle, so your soil stays nutritious. Just be sure to pick plants you like to eat and look at, so you stay engaged with your new hobby. Also, be sure to pick plants that will actually grow in your area.

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Plan and Plant

Follow the instructions on the seed packages to create a plan for spacing out your garden. Then, plant those seeds. Be sure to provide your little plant friends with plenty of water and love, and weed your garden frequently. You should have a thriving garden in several months. Gardening is a terrific hobby that you can learn at any age and will stick with you through life!

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