Stay Refreshed This Summer

Family running through sprinklers in front yard

The sun is out and hotter than ever. With such a warm climate, it makes it hard to enjoy being inside or outside. The last thing you want this summer is an energy bill soaring through the roof just to enjoy a cool home. We have a few ways you can ditch the sweat this summer and high energy bill, so take a look at some of the easy ways to cool off this summer.

Ceiling Fans

Did you know your ceiling fan can run either clockwise or counterclockwise? During the summer, make sure it is set in the counterclockwise mode so you can enjoy the cool air.

Wear Cotton Clothing

Cotton clothes are great to wear when it’s hot out. The material has a cooling effect and is also helpful for sensitive skin. The only trick is to make sure the cotton is a light color, as the darker it is, the more it traps heat.

Bring a Freezer Pack to Bed

This may sound silly, but if you’re warm enough, you will do anything. Grab a freezer pack out of the freezer, wrap it in a towel and stick it in a Ziploc bag. Obviously, it won’t last all night, but it’s a great way to cool down before bedtime.

Cool Off With A Shower

Instead of a hot shower, take a cool shower. After a long, warm day, the cool water on your skin is refreshing. A cold shower can greatly reduce your body temperature.

Ice Water Is Your Friend

Just like a cold shower or bath, your body can cool off with just a few ice cubes in your drink. Plus, staying hydrated is a plus during the summer.

Turn Off Your Lights

Even if you have LED lights at home, turn them off and watch your home stay cooler. If you don’t need the lights on, try to keep them off as much as you can.

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Water Fight Fun

If you have an area you can play in, fill up some balloons and a bucket or water guns and have some fun outside. If you have sprinklers, turn them on for a minute and cool off with some fun in your yard.

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