Try One Of These Great Local Sushi Restaurants


Sushi… It’s hard to find a healthy meal that’s as flavorful and enjoyable as this Japanese staple. And if you feel like you are in the mood for sushi for tonight’s dinner, you may be wondering where you should go. After all, there are so many options. How do you know which places are the best? That’s no problem. Just take a look at this short list of some of the best sushi places in the Lebanon area. When you’re ready to grab something to eat, make your way to one of the following sushi restaurants.

Sushi Max

Sometimes, you just have to get your sushi fix. And when you’re in that kind of mood, you have to make your way to Sushi Max. Tennessee may not be known for its fresh seafood, but Sushi Max certainly is. You are sure to get the freshest and most delicious fish when you head to this place. Another great part about it is the fact that you’re going to see some sushi rolls you may have never seen before. The chefs here get really creative with what they make, and you’re going to love it.

Sake Japanese Grill

Sushi is amazing, but sometimes, you want something that’s a little heartier along with your roll. You can find just that when you visit Sake Japanese Grill. Of course, the sushi here is amazing. There is a long list of rolls you can choose from. But don’t worry – pretty much anything you pick out is going to be amazing. But you don’t have to stop there. There are also a wide variety of other Japanese-inspired dishes, so you can try out something new along with your sushi.

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If you are looking for a spot that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you’re definitely going to want to go to Sunda. This is one of the trendiest spots in town, and when you visit, you’ll see why right away. There are so many different rolls to choose from, and you have to get the crispy brussels sprouts salad on the side. Oh, and if you want to learn how to make sushi on your own, there are also classes offered here. How fun is that?

When you want to go get sushi, you need to have a reliable way to get around town. After all, how else are you going to make sure you’re always able to get your sushi fix? Come on in to Wilson County Hyundai in Lebanon, Tennessee, and let us help you find your next car.

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