Have Some Family Fun In The Swimming Pool This Year

Friends playing volleyball in the pool

It might be hot outside, but you’ll cool off in an instant when you jump into the swimming pool. Instead of just hanging out in the pool this year, play some games. Time will fly by when you add these fun swimming pool games into the mix.

Shoot Hoops in the Pool

It’s way too hot to play basketball on a court. Basketball courts are heat magnets, so you can get overheated after a few shots. Fortunately, you can work on your game in the pool. Get a basketball hoop for your swimming pool and take on your family. You can set rules for water basketball or play a game of HORSE. There are tons of basketball hoops for swimming pools available, including the GoSports Splash Hoop. The hoop includes two inflatable basketballs, making it easy for some summer fun.

Challenge Your Family to Volleyball

It’s also way too hot to play on a traditional volleyball court. Even beach volleyball can cause you to overheat in the summer sun. Instead of playing on dry land, set up a pool volleyball net to take on your family. The JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Set has everything you need for a round of aquatic volleyball. Oh, and it also has an inflatable basketball hoop. This is different from the GoSports Splash Hoop. This hoop floats in the water, creating a moving target.

Turn Your Pool Into a Football Field

You can’t take your regular football into the pool. The water could ruin it, but you can still enjoy some gridiron action with the Poolmaster Active Xtreme Cyclone Swimming Pool Waterproof Football. You can set up a game with some rules or just toss the football back and forth. If you want to add a little extra fun, consider tossing the ball to people when they jump into the pool. They can go all out and make some wild catches while jumping in. Just make sure that you do this safely, so no one gets hurt.

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Win Points at Cornhole

Cornhole is a great game for families to play. People of all ages enjoy the game, so your little ones can get in on the action. You might think you can only play cornhole on dry land, but there are inflatable cornhole sets available. That includes the Airhead LOB the BLOB Cornhole Game. The game board floats in the water, or you can tether it to dry land. Then, toss the bags into the hole to score points.

These swimming pool games will add an extra splash of fun to your summer. Your entire family will love going to the pool and playing games. Load up on options, so you can play something new each day.

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