Take A Hike At The Cedars Of Lebanon State Park

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The Lebanon State Park is home to eastern red cedar trees and to nineteen rare and endangered plants that grow nowhere else in the world. These beautiful plants, the native animals on the land, and the limestone glades make the Cedars of Lebanon State Park a wonder everyone should experience. Enjoy hikes, picnics, camping, and more at Lebanon State Park. Find out more about the park and get ready to plan your day of family fun.

About the Cedars of Lebanon State Park

When the early American settlers came across the cedar forest they were reminded of the Biblical cedar forest found in  Mount Lebanon. Dubbing the place Lebanon, the land became a state park in 1955. In the 1940s, botanists took notice of the unique ecosystems found in the rock gardens, now called the limestone glades. The glades, along with the forest, make up the park where there are eight miles of hiking trails through the land and picnic and camping spots.

Shortest Hikes

The Cedars of Lebanon State Park has eight miles of hiking trails. Choose from seven different trials of differing lengths and difficulty. The Cedar Forest Trail is the easiest trials are the Limestone Sink Trail at .40 miles and marked black, the Cedar Glade Trail at .50 miles and marked blue, and the Dixxon Merritt Trail and ADA Trail both at .60 miles. The Dixxon Merrit Trail is marked yellow whereas the ADA Trail is marked black and connects with the Limestone Sink Trail.

Longest Hiking Trails

Building up in difficulty you have the Cedar Forest Trail and Cedar Run Trail both at 1.90 miles, marked green and blue respectively. Finally, the Hidden Springs Trail is the most difficult and longest hike at 4.40 miles and is marked white. No matter what trails you pick, you will be sure to enjoy lovely views and might even see some foxes, deer, and wild turkeys running around!

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Camping at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Make sure to enjoy all the great hiking trails at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park by camping! You can camp up for up to two weeks to make sure you get all the hiking trails in. There are 117 campgrounds to choose from, each with electrical and water hookups, picnic tables, and grills. There are three bathhouses with hot showers and bathrooms. The laundromat and camp store is also open for use year-round. Wifi is available as well. A $5.00 registration fee is required and non-refundable. The fee helps support the beautiful land!

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