Take The Family To Dinner At Demos’ Restaurant

Spaghetti and Meatballs

There’s just something about family dining that’s special, and that’s been the premise of Demos’ Restaurants since they began.

Humble Beginnings

Since the Demos family opened their first restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, they committed themselves to serving excellent food in an atmosphere where family members of all ages could sit and enjoy a meal together. While the Birmingham location no longer exists, the Demos family now has locations here in Lebanon, Nashville, Hendersonville, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Demos’ Restaurant specializes in from-scratch Italian food, but the expansive menu offers delights as diverse as chili chicken nachos and perfectly grilled steaks.

Soup’s On

One of the most sought-after items on the Demos’ Restaurant menu is the baked chicken and rice soup. It’s rich, savory, and flat-out delicious. On the menu, it’s simply known as “The Soup.” It’s in such high demand that the restaurant notes that the soup can be ordered to ship. That’s a sign that the Demos name and culinary talent are respected and renowned all over the country. In addition to the great soup, Demos’ Restaurant is also known for its grilled salads that feature either chicken or steak. Perfectly seasoned and cooked just right, these salads aren’t just something to garnish the plate. They can serve as an appetizer that can be split between two people or as a meal on their own. Or try one of  their signature Italian pasta dishes or a perfectly grilled steak. Something easily overlooked on the menu, but still a beautiful meal: The Club Steak. It’s six ounces of USDA Choice beef that’s hand-cut in-house, and it comes just the way you order it.

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When You Go

Demos’ Restaurant has four locations in middle Tennessee, so check the website for their hours of operation. Bring your appetite and your family. One thing we can guarantee about Demos’ Restaurant: You won’t go away hungry.

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