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If you enjoy history and are interested in taking a step back in time, then you may want to go to Fiddlers Grove. At Fiddlers Grove, you can see an old town right before your very own eyes. The village has hosted guests from every state in America. There have even been visitors from other countries that have toured Fiddlers Grove. Here is a little bit of information about what you and your family can expect to see when you check out Fiddlers Grove this season.

History of History

The effort to preserve history at Fiddlers Grove began more than 30 years ago. Groundbreaking was held in 1991 on the grounds of the James E. Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. It was established to protect buildings and artifacts as well as oral and written historical accounts. The Village was named for one of the first settlers in the area, Edward (Neddy) Jacobs, who became a legend for his ability to play the fiddle.

Historic Buildings at Fiddlers Grove

There are many different historic buildings and structures on the Fiddlers Grove property, including a blacksmith shop, a caboose, a cabin, a grist mill, and much more. Here are a few items visitors may want to check out on their visit.

  • A barber shop that features early an old barber chair and other related items from the early twentieth century.
  • A general store that predated drug stores. It sold ointments, salves and other medical remedies.
  • A jail built in the style of the first jail of Lebanon. It was constructed sometime around 1800.
  • A cobbler shop which was owned by Joshua Hudson in 1883. Records show Hudson as a shoe and boot man.
  • A country store by the name of Dedman’s Store and Dairy Museum was built in 1945. The owner, Roy Dedman, owned the first TV in the community in the 1950s.
  • A hospital known as McFarland Hospital was first established as an infirmary by Dr. Sam Walker McFarland in 1914.
  • A church called Melrose Church was built in 1883 and held its last service in 1980.

Baddour Parkway Arboretum & Gardens

Fiddlers Grove features several themed gardens, including Demonstration Vegetable Garden, Monarch Waystation, Shade Garden, Rain Garden, Medicinal Herb Garden, and a Sedum Garden.  There are also a number of flower beds located throughout the Grove as well as trees such as oaks, cedars, buckeyes and more.

Stitchers in Time

Those who would like to participate in sewing activities at Fiddlers Grove can join the group for monthly meetings. Meetings are typically held on the fourth Wednesday of every month. They work on sewing, quilting, crocheting, fabric weaving, and more.

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Automotive History at Fiddlers Grove

The automotive history runs deep at Fiddlers Grove. There is an antique car garage to show off classic automobiles. Clay’s Service Station is also on site. Here, drivers in the early twentieth century could fill up with gas. The first car dealer in the area was Graham & Seale.

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