Take A Tennessee Wintery Hike

wintery hike
Hiker walks on Mountain Trail

wintery hike

When the temperatures drop, it may feel like there’s really nothing to do. After all, you may feel like you’re stuck inside day after day. But just because it’s super cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors all the time. It can be especially fun to bundle up against the winter cold and go out for a wintery hike in Tennessee. There are so many amazing locations to check out when you want to spend some time in the great outdoors, so make sure you take a look at all of your options before you get in your car and drive to one of the best winter hiking spots around. You’re going to have an amazing time!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you are lucky enough to live in Tennessee, then you’ll absolutely love that you have a national park right in your state. That’s right – the Great Smoky Mountains National Park may be one of the nicest spots for you to stop for a hike. It’s actually the nation’s most visited park, and that will make a lot of sense when you see how beautiful it really is. There are plenty of waterfalls and forests to see, and in the winter, you can take even more advantage of the panoramic views.

Fall Creek Falls

You may not feel like going to a waterfall is the most appealing thing you could do in the middle of the winter, but that’s probably because you’ve never been to Fall Creek Falls. It’s amazing how this waterfall freezes over when temps reach a low, and it makes for some incredible picture-taking opportunities.

Reelfoot Lake State Park

Perhaps you want to go somewhere that has miles of hiking trails that you can explore for hours on end. If that’s the case, then the Reelfoot Lake State Park may be your best option. Countless visitors love coming here in the winter months because it’s the perfect time to see the sunken cypress trees. They’re unusual trees on any ordinary day, but they become even more surreal when you see them in the middle of the winter.

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Natchez Trace State Park

Whether you are a pro hiker with lots of experience or you are just getting your footing on the trail, Natchez Trace State Park is an ideal place to visit. With trails from a half a mile to over four miles long, you have a lot to choose from.

Be sure to visit these beautiful hiking spots this winter!

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