Tips For Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Couple doing Christmas shopping.

Sometimes things come up, and it puts us in a bind when it comes to crunch time. That’s especially true when it comes time to buy Christmas gifts. It’s not just the men — okay, not ALL men — who are last-minute Christmas shoppers. If you’re feeling behind this holiday season, here are some tips to help you with your last-minute holiday shopping.

Experience: A Difference

No one needs that second air fryer for their kitchen. They don’t need that box meat and cheese, either. At this point, most people — if they’re adults anyway — are pretty hard to shop for, because it can seem like they have everything they need. Instead, focus on something really fun: giving your loved ones an experience. It can be a certificate for an hour-long massage, a trip to a day spa, or tickets to see a favorite recording artist. What you’ll really need in order to pull this gift off is information. Knowing the intended recipient will help you craft a meaningful experience for them.

Order Online

A huge timesaver for Christmas shopping is ordering online, but with a twist: Order from the web, but pick the item up at the store. Many larger retailers use this method as a way of combatting purely online retailing. If the item you want to give is in stock at the store, it’s simple to pay for it online and then go pick it up. As a bonus, you can knock out gifts for several people this way. It’s also a good way to hide your Christmas gifts to other people: disguise them in an order that’s otherwise filled with groceries or household necessities. You’ve got to be sneaky these days in order to make sure to surprise your loved ones on Christmas morning!

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Here’s a great gift idea: Give someone you love a gift subscription to an online streaming service. Want to make sure your best friend is up-to-date when Ted Lasso comes back around? (Who doesn’t, after Nate’s rise to infamy in the season 2 finale?) Or do you want someone to re-watch the entirety of Justified with you? Or see Sylvester Stallone playing an organized crime kingpin in the twilight of his career? Give a gift subscription to any one of half-a-dozen streaming services, and you’ll be making someone happy, for sure. There are many easy, meaningful last-minute gifts out there, so put your mind to it.

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