Tired Of Dust? Here’s How To Get It Clean!

woman dusting with a microfiber cloth

Do you feel like you’re just moving dust from one spot to another and never quite getting it clean? Well, here’s a quick lesson in household dust control.

What is Dust?

Dust — the annoying little brother of dirt — comes from shedding hair, pet dander, skin cells, decomposing bugs, and teeny-tiny bits of fabric. It’s, unfortunately, an avoidable part of living in any place for more than a few days. Yes. You read that right. Depending on the conditions, dust can accumulate in as little as a week. So, how do you keep it at bay?

What Tools Should You Use to Dust?

Keeping your home free of dust starts with using the right tools. To efficiently clear away accumulated dust, embrace the magic of microfiber. When you’re shopping for cleaning supplies, opt for a microfiber cloth rather than a rag or feather duster. Because microfiber is positively charged it will act as a magnet, attracting the negatively charged dust. Instead of moving the dust from one location to another like other tools, a microfiber cloth will trap the dust. To reach high places like blinds, ceiling fans, or the tops of framed artwork, you can purchase a long-handled microfiber duster.

For your hard surface floors? You guessed it. Try using a microfiber dry mop a few times a week to pick up dust that accumulates on the floor. If you have carpeted floors, make sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and have it serviced when needed.

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How Can You Reduce Dust in Your Home?

For starters, you can eliminate some dust before it even enters your home by regularly changing your heating and air conditioning filters each month.

Another dust culprit is textiles. A large percentage of the dust in your home is actually from tiny particles of fabric decomposing. So, the more fabric you have in your home the more dust you’ll have. Instead opt for leather, wood, or acrylic, which are all easy to clean. If you enjoy decorating with rugs, choose washable scatter rugs that you can toss in the washer every week. You can also reduce the number of surfaces that dust can settle on by eliminating clutter.

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