Take A Trip To The Lebanon History Museum This Weekend

A young girl looking at an exhibit in a glass display case in a museum

No matter where you go there is history all around you. The history of our city is recorded in the Lebanon History Museum. If you are curious about what has made our town what it is today, take a day to walk through the museum.

The History Lebanon

If you’ve ever wondered how Lebanon came to be, the museum is the place to go to find out all about it. You’ll find exhibits and an in-depth history of the town there, but we’ll give you the short version. Our town was founded in 1801 near a spring called Sinking Spring. The city of Lebanon was named after the biblical cedars of Lebanon because of the abundance of cedar trees in the area when it was founded. There are still plenty of cedar trees in the area, so many people still call Lebanon “Cedar City.” When you walk through the museum you can explore how much our city’s cedars have affected its growth and development.

Exploring Our History at the Museum

In 2021 The Museum went through an in-depth makeover under the direction of the new curator, Kathleen Vail. The museum is housed in the basement of the Lebanon Administration Building. The displays feature an eclectic array of artifacts that tell the story of Lebanon through the years, and Lebanon may be small but it has a lot of history. For instance, In 1969 the beloved Southern restaurant Cracker Barrel was founded right here in our city. There are plenty of other displays that track unique histories in Lebanon. One such exhibit tracks the changes in firefighting equipment from 1830 to the present.

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Other Displays to Explore

Besides the historical exhibits on permanent display at the Lebanon museum, there are monthly “Focus On” displays that zero in on a different aspect of our community. Currently, the focus is on some of the city’s creepier history. You can find a little information about the cemeteries in the city as well as a few spider facts.

A fun bit of Lebanon history: Wilson County Hyundai opened its doors in 1927. Our dealership has survived The Great Depression and more, and we continue to serve our beloved people of Lebanon because you’ve kept us going for nearly a century. Thank you!

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