Enjoy Some Local History At The Watermelon Moon Farm

Watermelon Moon Farm

Enjoy a piece of the past by visiting Watermelon Moon Farm. This homestead was built between 1835 and 1845 and is a replica of a Louisiana plantation home. It has that old plantation vibe to this day, from its gigantic chimneys and impressive verandah to the southern hospitality you’ll find there. The house also contains the original faux-grain painting on various windows and doors upstairs, along with some artifacts inside of the Summer Kitchen.

You won’t just get to enjoy the past when you visit this beautiful farm. You can stay the night at the bed and breakfast or stop by for a meal. The farm also hosts special events. Get the details on the best this gorgeous historic farm has to offer.

Special Events

Watermelon Moon Farm is known for hosting an assortment of special events. These events are popular with people in Lebanon and beyond, and it’s no wonder why. They are always so much fun.

The owners start the season off with an open house every spring. This is the perfect way to get acquainted with Watermelon Moon Farm. You can tour the grounds, try some tasty food, and more when you attend the spring event. It also hosts luncheons for Easter and Mother’s Day as well as an assortment of additional open houses. Then, it ends the season with a spectacular Christmas event.

People also hold their own events at the farm. It’s a popular spot for wedding and receptions, and the Red Hat Ladies and other clubs have been known to host get-togethers there.


Shopping is a popular pastime at Watermelon Moon Farm. You can find collectibles, gourmet food, jewelry, art, and more at this farm. You’ll find stuff that isn’t available anywhere else, making this such a popular spot for people who love to shop.

Bed and Breakfast

You can’t beat the southern hospitality at Watermelon Moon Farm, and that reaches a fever pitch when you stay the night. You can get a room with a bedroom, separate sitting room, and views of the garden. It doesn’t get more relaxing than this, and the owners will make sure you don’t want for a thing.

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Eating at Watermelon Moon Farm

Words can’t describe how good the food is at Watermelon Moon Farm. Each dish is perfectly prepared, and you never know what you might get. One day, you might get some delicious bacon corn chowder soup, and the next, you might nosh on a raspberry-orange-cranberry salad. Just like the rest of the experience, the food is quite unique. It’s also delicious, so expect to find a new favorite dish when you eat there.

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