Follow These 9 Tips To Make Your Next Road Trip A Breeze

Happy girls doing road trip in tropical cityRoad trips can be difficult, especially when they are long, but if you plan out the car ride, road trips can be fun! Planning in advance is key to your success and that doesn’t just mean packing. Believe it or not long drives require endurance, and if you don’t prepare correctly “Highway Hypnosis” can make for a potentially dangerous journey.  With all of that in mind, below are nine road trip tips for a safe and comfortable drive.  


Think about how dangerous it is to be exhausted and drowsy when you get behind the wheel of a car. That is why getting plenty of sleep before your road trip is so important for your safety and others. Get at least seven hours of sleep the two nights before your drive. That’s right, two. To stay alert and fresh, schedule regular stops every 100 miles and try to avoid driving between 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., as those are “sleepy hours.”

Road Trip Snacks

Everyone loves snacks, but bringing snacks with nutritional value will do wonders when trying to stay awake and alert. Vitamin-packed, nutrient dense treats will allow drivers and passengers to get by on smaller portions and help skip the fast-food stops. Almonds and carrots are good examples.  


No matter what you are doing, hydration is important all the time. Keep your water supply stocked. Of course, this could mean more restroom breaks, but hydration is crucial. 

Rest Stops

Planning your rest stops is an essential part of road trip planning. Experts recommend that every two hours or so, there should be a leg stretch and focus break. You can plan these breaks around mealtimes or to view interesting places along the way.  

Chew Gum

This one may sound a little funny but chewing gum can aid in circulation and alertness. Instead of sugary energy drinks, try the gum chewing technique.  

Use Energizing Scents

For long-distance journeys, it is recommended that you keep a peppermint scent nearby. If you’re feeling groggy, take a sniff. It is a lovely all-natural energy booster to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

Sit Up Straight

Make sure your seat is adjusted properly for you to sit up straight. This will allow maximum blood flow, so you don’t fall into a driving “trance.” Take some deep breaths as you start feeling fatigued and if one part of your body is sore, lean to the other side to balance it out.  

Keep Passengers Entertained

Keeping passengers entertained is always an important plan, especially if you have little ones. Boredom can often lead to bickering, which isn’t helpful for anyone. Pack books, puzzles, or a portable DVD player to kill some time. Road trip games are good engagement tools as well.  

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Listen to Audio Books

Audio books are fantastic for keeping your brain active without causing distraction. Maybe choose a comedy or humorous book. Laughing will help you stay awake!

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