Canoe The Caney Fork River

Two boys enjoying kayaking on lake on sunny summer day.

Two boys enjoying kayaking on lake on sunny summer day.

Submerge yourself in the alluring tranquility of the outdoors with Canoe the Caney. This is not just an adventure, it is a heartfelt participation in the preservation of Tennessee’s cherished rivers and lakes. Every ticket purchased, and every canoe journey embarked upon contribute to the safeguarding of Tennessee’s valuable water bodies and the stunning wildlife within them. So, if you are looking for a great outdoor experience, then Canoe the Caney is it.

About Canoe the Caney

Canoe the Caney offers a doorway into nature, making the joys of the great outdoors accessible to everyone. Uniquely positioned as one of the leading recreational providers in the region, they offer premier canoeing and kayaking trips at affordable rates. A perfect blend of exhilarating and calm, this is an experience designed for families, friends, and solo adventurers alike.

What sets Canoe the Caney apart is the team’s commitment to the guest’s enjoyment, comfort, and safety. The crew, a passionate group of experienced outdoorsmen, are dedicated to ensuring every guest has a memorable experience. They offer exciting excursions and peaceful float trips suitable for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. With an expansive fleet of well-maintained canoes and kayaks available for rent, as well as season passes, Canoe the Caney provides an outdoor experience for every budget.

The Canoe the Caney Experience

The Canoe the Caney experience transcends the time spent on the water. It starts with a smooth check-in process, facilitated by friendly staff and a four-lane system for quick access. Guests then enjoy a comfortable ride to the drop-off point in air-conditioned buses, the first of their kind in Middle Tennessee. In addition, modern changing rooms, clean restrooms, secure lockers, and a fully stocked retail store further enhance the guest experience.

When it comes to entertainment, Canoe the Caney brings its A-game. Every weekend, a charismatic pirate regales guests, both young and old. There is also an inviting picnic area for guests to relax in or enjoy a delicious meal from The Caney River Tavern. The picnic area is a great place for guests to mingle and share their adventures on the water.

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Preparing for Your Day on the River

Before embarking on a Canoe the Caney excursion, it is essential to prepare. For the best experience, dress in comfortable, quick-dry clothing, and wear sunscreen and a hat to protect against the sun. Always remember to adhere to safety guidelines and respect the wildlife.

Planning a Canoe the Caney adventure is simple. Visit their website to book a canoe or kayak float down the stunning Caney Fork River, or explore the range of canoe or kayak float options available. A journey with Canoe the Caney is not just a paddle down a river, it is a lasting memory and an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of Tennessee’s treasured waterways.

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