Have The Best Spring With These Family-Fun Spring Activities

spring activities

As the weather rapidly begins warming up, you may find your family feeling more than ready to brush off the winter blues and embrace a new season. Try these fun activities to shake up your daily routines and keep the kids entertained all spring long!

Head Outside

Fresh air and movement is good for the soul, and with the newly-warm weather, there’ll be plenty of time for outdoor activities.

  • Fly A Kite – kites are available at most department and dollar stores and make for hours of easy entertainment with the kiddos. Grab a few and let the kids run wild in the backyard, park, or an open field.
  • Ride A Bike – If you have biking trails nearby, or even just sidewalks in the neighborhood, spend an afternoon riding bikes, or teaching your kids to ride their bikes.
  • Draw With Chalk – Get a bucket of chalk in lots of colors and let the kids show their artistic sides. The driveway (or sidewalks) is their blank canvas!

Rainy Day Activities

Fun can still be had even when it’s raining for the third day in a row this week! Use these activities to keep everyone engaged when going outside isn’t an option.

  • Play Hide And Seek – This classic game is fun for all ages and can keep kids occupied for long swaths of time.
  • Bake Goodies – Whip out the flour, sugar, and butter and a few good recipes. Baking can easily take one to three hours at a time, so it’s perfect for filling up empty afternoons.
  • Build A Fort – It’s the perfect time to bust out all of the sheets and blankets, drag the cushions off of the couch, and set up your very own fort. Once the fort is constructed, you can read books, watch movies, or even take naps inside your masterpiece.

Indoor/Outdoor Activities

These fun games and activities can be done indoors or outside, so you don’t have to base your plans around the weather!

  • Blow Bubbles – Bubbles are mess-free and easy to come by, so you can use them inside or out.
  • Read A Book – Books don’t have to just be for bedtime! Grab your family’s favorite books and find some shade outside, or a cozy couch inside, and spend the afternoon in storyland.
  • Do A Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of spring items (flowers, rocks, birds, etc.) for an outside hunt, or hide a few small toys (cars, dolls, easter eggs, etc.) for an inside scavenger hunt.

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