Craft Some Holiday Cheer With These DIY Decorations

Christmas pillow for decoration

The holidays are right around the corner, and it is the perfect time to unleash your inner crafty side! Since the days are shorter and it is getting chill outside, it could be fun to make a night of crafting at your dining room table. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new,  over-priced decorations year after year. You probably have plenty of items at home that you can use! Check out these DIY decorating ideas that are perfect for spicing up your home for the holidays!

Holiday Card Tree

Do you have a box that is overflowing with Holiday cards you have received over the years? Find a blank wall space in your home and display them for all to see! Use wall-safe sticky putty or glue strips to stick them to your wall in a triangle shape for a tree look!

Citrus Garland

Keep your home smelling AND looking fresh with some DIY Citrus Garland. Pick up some oranges at your local grocery store and cut them into thin slices. Lay out the slices to dry for a few days, then use them to spruce up your garland. Use pinecones, acorns, and holly berries in your garland as well for a very rugged outdoor look.

Festive Pillows

Take your solid-colored sofa cushions and wrap them up as bows to make them look like a giant present. All you need is some festive ribbon, some safety pins, and of course, your regular sofa cushions for this adorable DIY craft idea. Guests will love this adorable gift-like décor piece that takes no time to put together.

Deck The Walls

Use small pieces of garland, poinsettia flowers, or holly berries to spice up your regular wall decorations! Adding some subtle holiday-inspired fake plants to your picture frames will  immediately make your home look fully decked out for the holidays!

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Starry Night

Pull out the scissors and craft paper for this DIY hack! Cut up some star shapes and hang them from all over your ceiling to give your room a starry night effect. If you really want to go the extra mile with this craft, coat the stars in glue and glitter to give them an added sparkle and shine!

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