Learn How To Make A DIY Fall Pom Pom Scarf

Learn How To Make A DIY Fall Pom Pom Scarf

Remember when pom poms were primarily used by cheerleaders to work sports fans up into a rally? Then toboggan makers thought, “that’d look awful nice on top of one of our hats.” Now, the pom pom fad has spread throughout wardrobe near and far. Actually, the true timeline of pom pom history is a bit broader. But we did a little digging, so you can read up about this portion of your attire’s storied past while you learn how to make a DIY fall pom pom scarf of your own.

First Pom Poms

The origin of the pom pom is a little uncertain. There’s some evidence that the pom pom could have been around for more than 1,000 years. A little more than 100 years ago, A Viking statue from around that time period was discovered. The statue shows what many believe to be a pom pom on its head.

Pom Poms On Hats

Hats and helmets have continued to adorn pom poms throughout history. Roman Catholic clergy have donned pom poms on their birettas for centuries, with different colors to indicate their rank. Soldiers in Europe reportedly began wearing pom poms on their helmets around the 18th century. Napolean’s infantry used various colors to indicate a soldier’s company. And in Scotland, pom poms found their way on top of the popular Balmoral cap.

Pom Poms On Other Clothes

While Turkish, Greek, and Italian footwear was sometimes decorated with pom poms, people in parts of South America used them to indicate a person’s marital status. In addition, during the Great Depression, people used pom poms on many items of clothing to add a little pizzazz for very little money.

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Your Pom Poms

Now that you know a little bit about pom poms over the years, maybe you can write the next page in their history. All you need is a pom pom maker, various colors of yarn (one skein will make about four pom poms), scissors, an embroidery needle, and extra yarn to thread everything together. Then, you’ll be all set to follow the directions in the link above and make your own pom pom scarf.


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