Excite Your Taste Buds At These Pizza Places


Is there any food better than pizza? It has everything you need in a meal. You get your protein, grains, and veggies and can even add some pineapple to cover the fruit if you want. Now, your mouth is watering, and you’re ready to grab some pizza in Lebanon. Check out some of the top spots for pizza lovers in the area.

Sammy B’s Restaurant

Do you love gooey, cheesy pizza? Sammy B’s Restaurant has you covered. All that cheese is piled on a crispy, flavorful crust. If you’re a big cheese lover, go with the Cheezy Loueezey. Sammy B’s also has other cool specialty pies, like the West Coast. You’ll feel like you’re hanging out in California when you chomp down on the sunflower seeds, roasted tomatoes, and other toppings.

David’s Pizza

You can’t have a conversation about pizza in Lebanon without someone mentioning David’s Pizza. You’ll fall in love with the warm and cozy atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. Don’t be surprised if your stomach growls right away due to the amazing fragrances. Those smells will pull you in a million different taste-tempting directions, but if you can’t decide, go with the all meat specialty pizza. It has ham, beef, pepperoni, and some of the best sausage you’ll ever eat.

KO’s Pizza and Café

KO’s Pizza and Café is another top spot for pizza – and for good reason. First, there’s the owner. He’s nice, personable, and funny, and he knows his way around a kitchen. Everything here is so fresh and delicious that you can’t go wrong no matter what you order. The sauce is sweeter than you’ll get from most pizza spots, and that sweetness makes it more addictive. Oh, and you can even get a seafood pizza here. The pies are so good that people from other cities drive to Lebanon to eat here.


Painturo’s looks unassuming from the outside, so you might not realize just how delicious the pizza is. Once you walk through the door, you’ll see people happily munching on the freshly made pizza. Listen closely and you might even hear the crunching sound as people bite into that crispy crust. Speaking of crust, you can go gluten-free here without sacrificing taste. It’s probably the best gluten-free crust in Lebanon, and you can also expect some of the best customer service.

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Try Them All

They say you can’t have just one potato chip. Well, you can’t pick just one pizza spot when you live in Lebanon. They’re all delicious, so go down the list and try them all.

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