Signs You Should Trade In Your Car

Customer and dealership salesperson exchanging keys
Are you on the fence about driving your car a bit longer or trading it in for a newer model? It’s a big decision, and you want to make sure you get it right. You can make the decision much easier by looking for signs that you should trade in... [read more]

Freshen Up Pizza Night With These Recipes

Grilled Peach Pizza with Prosciutto Ham and Goat Cheese
If you’re in a pizza rut, you’re far from alone. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of ordering and eating the same type of pizza week after week. Mix things up with these delicious pizza recipes. With unique sauces and divine toppings, these recipes will take pizza night to... [read more]

Have Some Family Fun In The Swimming Pool This Year

Friends playing volleyball in the pool
It might be hot outside, but you’ll cool off in an instant when you jump into the swimming pool. Instead of just hanging out in the pool this year, play some games. Time will fly by when you add these fun swimming pool games into the mix. Shoot Hoops in the... [read more]

Stay Refreshed This Summer

Family running through sprinklers in front yard
The sun is out and hotter than ever. With such a warm climate, it makes it hard to enjoy being inside or outside. The last thing you want this summer is an energy bill soaring through the roof just to enjoy a cool home. We have a few ways you... [read more]

Keep Your Vehicle’s Carpet Clean With These Products

Man cleaning his vehicle upholstery
Your vehicle's carpet is probably the dirtiest part of your interior since, and it is so easy to overlook during a car wash.  Between dirt, debris, and more, the carpet needs much more than a quick vacuum from time to time. Take a look at these products that will get... [read more]

Don’t Forget These Items For Your Next Boat Day

Shot of a mature couple enjoying a relaxing boat ride
Driving a boat is a little bit different than going for a car ride. There is a pre-departure checklist to keep in mind when you are looking to spend the day on a boat. Check out the helpful list below so you can be prepared for anything during your boat... [read more]

Join Us For The 45th Annual Macon County Hillbilly Days

banjo, fiddle, and acoustic guitar on straw floor
The Macon County Hillbilly Days are coming up soon, and we hope we’ll see you at Key Park for the 45th annual festival sponsored by the Lafayette Lions and the Lafayette Lionesses Clubs! When and Where The 45th Annual Macon County Hillbilly Days will be held at Key Park in Lafayette, Tennessee.... [read more]

Go Crazy For This Goo-Goo Clusters Recipe

Woman mixing melted chocolate in a bowl
If you are from the south or moved here recently, you may know a thing or two about Goo-Goo clusters. If you have never heard of them, it’s about time we change that for you! This chocolate, peanut, and marshmallow treat will melt right in your mouth. There is no... [read more]

Check Out This Delicious Vanilla Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Blueberry muffins in a muffin baking pan
What's better than sleeping in on a Saturday? Waking up and making muffins from scratch is just about the only thing we can think of. Looks like we just found your weekend plans! You'll need a good recipe, though, so take a look at this one from Will Cook For... [read more]